About Us

Sarah and Jessica are the only practitioners of the techniques mentioned on this website. Sarah's been in this field for over 40 years; Jessica joined her as a practitioner approximately 22 years ago. Their work is not just finding out what is wrong. Their main work is healing what in the past could not be healed. Most clients experience a major easing of their symptoms within their first few hours of care. They know positively that what they are experiencing is working.

Neither Sarah or Jessica work with lab tests or the label of a disease. Instead, they will begin by studying your symptoms. First they isolate your major symptom, find it's cause and eliminate it. Then they progress through all your symptoms; first finding then eliminating its cause. Session continue until all your symptoms are gone. No symptoms equals no disease; no injury; no disability, etc.

They go beyond intuitively "seeing". Before they ever start sessions, they learn whether a client is able to do the techniques that will eliminated their symptoms. They'll know in advance of your first session that your body will respond as it should.

Sessions with Sarah and Jessica are unusual as they are both on and off the call as you move through the processes.

No two people are the same. For that reason, neither Sarah or Jessica can make a warranty on the effectiveness of their techniques on your condition.

Sarah Meredith


Born: April 8, 1944 Glendale, California

When medicine, chiropractic and alternative methods, failed to correct Sarah’s life threatening problems, she did not give up. Instead, she made herself a human guinea pig. Eventually she’d find the cause of the life threatening condition. Then she’d cure it.

Many times, forced to become a scholar or die, Sarah’s life appears to have followed a pattern. First, contract a disease or experience an injury; Second, search for a cure by making the round of doctors and healers; and third, finally in frustration study until she found the cause and cure.

To date she has cured herself of: three bouts of cancer of the liver, breast and ovaries, brittle diabetes; multiple allergies; mercury poisoning; reoccurring viral pneumonia; fibromyalgia, injuries, thyroid issues, co-dependency; spinal injuries; residue from several severe automobile accidents, a bad marriage and co-dependency.

In 1997, she was surprised to find that her methods where not as effective as she had thought. She was bedridden with Fibromyalgia; a disabling disease which doctors claimed there is no known cause and no known cure. She decided not to believe there was no cure. Sarah felt that the only reason doctors were telling her that there was no cure, was the fact that no one had found one... yet. She decided to be the one to find it. She determined that both medicine and alternative health care must be looking in the wrong place for a cure.

After months of research she worked out the cause and cure. With Jessica’s help, within a week, her Fibromyalgia symptoms completely disappeared.

Jessica Meredith


Born: April 6, 1969 Canoga Park, California

Jessica had a constant, sharp knife-like back and chest pain. However, her problems were not only with her health. Her lifestyle was an emotional roller coaster. She and her son lived in poverty.

In her own words:

"If not for my mom's discovery of anti-decisions and how to erase them, I don't know what would have happened to us. Depressed and living in poverty, I was a single mom on welfare. My health was failing. I woke up each night feeling like I'd been knifed straight through my chest. At times I could barely walk due to a severe low back pain.

"After the birth of my son, I gained ninety pounds. I felt defeated and the worst mother in the world. I was a failure.

"We lived in what could only be described as a hovel! The building was a barn that had been turned into low income apartments. The apartment had termites and smelled of mold. One thing after another put us in danger, from a propane gas leak, to a sewage pipe bursting on my two year old. It was a nightmare I felt we would never escape.

"Erasing my anti-decisions changed my life. The way I used to think, feel and live seems more like a distant memory. At times it is as if I've been told a story, as if it all happen to someone else.

"Almost immediately, my health improved. I lost weight. I was happy. I applied what I'd learned and not only got off welfare, I became successful! I began to feel like I was really a great mom. Within six months we moved out of that terrible place.

"I trained with Sarah to be a practitioner. We'd been in practice for several years, when we became dissatisfied with our results. Our method although effective, were too slow and sometimes for no apparent reason, a client would not heal or change to the degree we knew was possible. We did more research.

"In 2002, we found the right combination of science, philosophy and technique. Now our work is fun, fast and effective.

"I forgot to mention, we now live in a beautiful home in one of the most affluent neighborhoods in Florida instead of a converted barn.



What is it that we’ve done that others have been unable to do? How are we able to help hundreds of clients heal without fail?

The answer to these questions is in our approach. We do not work with a diagnosis which is the label given to a illness, injury or mental state. Our minds tune in to a client’s symptom(s) and condition to find exactly what caused it. Once we find the cause, we know what to do. We found that the cause of every symptom a client is experiencing is, without exception, a seemingly un-related decision they’ve stored in their unconscious mind.

We have techniques that allow a client to remember the exact decision they made and the circumstances that lead to their current unwanted condition. We call these decisions anti-decisions. To date we’ve discovered that any decision stored in your unconscious mind can be erased.

The initial anti-decision is always something untrue that the client decided to believe about themselves. It was merely an opinion, a personal viewpoint that they began to believe.

As long as it remains in your unconscious mind, it will cause you trouble. The discomfort is not limited to your body. It can cause havoc in relationships, business, self-development, etc. That opinion is not true. It never was! Once that anti-decision is erased, the circumstances created by it start to fade away.

It takes about two hours to guide a client into a position to remember their initial anti-decision and erase it.

Connected to your initial anti-decision is a collection of other, completely separate and seemingly unrelated anti-decisions. Finding and removing anti-decisions is not difficult however, it does take a lot of time. The longer you’ve had your current condition, the more anti-decisions you’ve collected. Your entire collection of anti-decisions must be erased to restore your total health and happiness.

What To Expect explains a few of the techniques we developed and use during our sessions.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person. Neither Sarah Meredith nor Jessica Meredith is any kind of doctor. Neither diagnose or treat disease. They claim no formal training in psychology or medicine. Neither holds a special license in any field. Both offer their services based solely on their skill and personal experience of what works. They make no verbal or written warranty on the effectiveness of their program on your condition. Using their services does not replace or substitute for available medical services.
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