The Discovery

Sarah Meredith, founder and discoverer of the S J Therapy, lived with severe uninterrupted pain through out her body. After five years of suffering, she learned she had Fibromyalgia; then known to be a mysterious, debilitating disease with no known cause and no known cure.

Sarah was determined to find a cure. Her search took her to New England and the writings of Dr. Phineas Parkhurst Quimby (1802-1866). He was the first man in history to have permanently healed thousands of patients using only logic.

Newspapers and journals of Dr. Quimby’s time credit him with over 3800 miracle cures in an eleven year period. Fortunately 1858 newspapers articles reporting Dr. Quimby’s results, were donated to the Library of Congress.

Through a series of miracles, Sarah was able to obtain a copy of *The Quimby Manuscripts, a book of Dr. Quimby’s case files and articles documenting a correlation between spirit, mind, body, and his patient’s illness/injury. They described Dr. Quimby’s “strange and new” philosophy regarding healing and documented the case histories of his patients; including their condition before and during treatment.

Pouring over the one hundred year old case histories, Sarah hoped to discover what he actually did to heal others and in turn find the means to heal herself.

Dr. Quimby noted that all disease, all discomfort is the result of an opinion, in essence, a lie individuals believe about themselves or their life. "Find the lie for them, tell them the truth and you’ve given back their health."

Sarah read that patients listened as Dr Quimby told them parables (short stories) that he believed related to the cause of their illness. Each parable gently pointed out a lie. Within a few hours or days of parables and reasoning, patients recovered. Dr. Quimby believed that the patient’s soul (spirit) was responsible for the message conveyed within the parable.

Unfortunately Dr. Quimby did not leave step-by-step instructions on how he healed so many patients. Sarah studied and experimented for months before she ascertained exactly what steps Dr. Quimby took to heal his patients. Many failures later, she realized how to do his method.

Sarah’s First Success

Tony Bradshaw writes:

*“My mother told me that she had a friend who might be able to help me. At the time, I was desperate enough to try anything. Even if it meant meeting one of mom’s kooky friends. Something had to be done. I was living through hell!

"Thank God for kooky friends. I got my life back."

Sarah writes:

Tony had been in a severe roll-over accident. Returning from a doctor’s appointment a few months later, a tire rolled off the back of a truck striking Tony’s car, forcing it off the road into a concrete barrier.

It took 30 minutes for him to walk from the five steps outside, cross the living room and enter the study. At thirty-five, he looked sixty. Pain had robbed him of his youth. I watch silently as he crept into the house, taking each step with care so as not to jar himself. His posture stooped, his face gray from pain, he moved as if he carried explosives.

I closed the door.

*Three hours later, Tony walked out, free of pain!

Even though told what to expect if it worked, his mother was shocked. “He not only looks his age, he’s glowing!”

* Results may vary from person to person.

As for Sarah

after 9 months of study and four session hours of care,
all her Fibromyalgia symptoms left.

The Relief

Jessica Meredith writes:

“If not for S J Therapy, I don’t know what would have happened to us.

“Depressed and living in poverty, I was a single mom on welfare. My health was failing. I woke each night feeling like I was being knifed straight through my chest. My low back hurt so bad at times I could barely walk. Since the birth of my son, I had gained over ninety pounds. I felt like the worst mother in the world and the world’s biggest failure. We lived in what could only be described as a hovel! The place had termites and smelled of mold. One thing after another put us in danger; from a propane gas leak, to a sewage pipe bursting on my two year old son. It was a nightmare I felt I couldn’t get out of.

“Almost immediately, S J Therapy changed my life. My health got better and I lost weight. When I applied what I’d learned, I not only got off welfare, I became successful! *Within six months we moved out of that terrible place into a beautiful four bedroom, three bath home. And, I feel like I’m a better mom.

“I am so grateful for my mother’s discovery of the S J Therapy. I feel blessed each day to have been given the opportunity to learn and experience this wonderful work.”

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Severe, Cut
Disappears Before There Eyes
Declared The Lamborghini Of Healing

Five doctors examined Lisa’s hand: a puffy, red, swollen mass, with 4 thick black X stitches across her palm. Their conclusion: typical of a deep cut within the previous 18 hours.


As the result of a shower glass door accident, Lisa Franklin and her husband spent several hours in the emergency room. Lisa required 8 stitches. Her husband was one of the 125 doctors and health care professionals scheduled to attend a demonstration of my work the following morning.

He called from the hospital to ask if I would use his wife for one of the demonstrations in the morning to stop her pain. I told him yes, provided she could remain drug free throughout the night.

Lisa was pale from pain. Holding her hand up to avoid increased blood flow (and pain), she cupped her elbow, as she moved to the stool in front of the room.

Five doctors examined her hand. Thirty minutes into the session, Lisa unknowingly put her hand down while laughing. Both the audience and myself noticed, Lisa didn’t.

*An hour later I asked if her hand still hurt. I think she forgot why she were there because, she seemed surprised. It was then that she noticed she was no longer cupping her elbow. She gently felt the area around the stitches. Then she poked it. Next, she hit it several times against the side of the stool. She looked puzzled. “There’s no pain! It doesn’t hurt at all! But, all you did was talk to me. How’d you do that?”

The doctors re-examined her hand. There was no sign of an injury other then the black X’s. The skin didn’t even show that it had been pulled back together. No puffiness. No redness. Not even a thin red line.

* Results may vary from person to person

“The first time that I heard there was someone who knew how to heal using reason alone, I knew they had something. After that demonstration, I realized that this method is the Lamborghini of Healing.”

Dr. Russell Loveland,
a Chiropractor of 20 years,
was in my audience.

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Dr. Quimby’s Work

Below are copies of the newspaper articles donated to The Library of Congress

Bangor Jeffersonian Times - February 1858

Mrs. Hodson of Kenduskeag, who had been sick with a complication of dyspepsia [disturbed digestion] in its worst form, and a difficulty about the head, which had her utterly prostrated for two years, had been unable to walk a step or to be moved in an upright position without fainting.

Dr. Quimby sat with the sufferer. In two hours the she rose from her bed without assistance, seated herself in a chair, then sat up an additional two hours. She has steadily improved and in time gained twenty pounds of flesh. All this came as the result of a single visit.

We have heard of other cases of remarkable relief. It is too late an hour for the cry of humbug, in Mr. Quimby’s treatment of disease.... People are beginning to inquire, Who and what is Dr. Quimby? By what strange agency does he cure disease which for years has baffled the skill of our most eminent physicians?

Evening Courier - September 1860

We have been told that the “Age of Miracles” is passed, but we have recently heard of several astonishing cures preformed by a Dr. P. P. Quimby, which seem to border on the miraculous. How these cures are effected, it is impossible to say, as no visible means are employed. The most obstinate cases of disease have been made to disappear at the mere will, it would seem, of the Doctor.

Having heard of a remarkable recovery, we called on the patient, an intelligent young lady, who stated to us her case, and the manner of her cure, the facts of which seem embodied, at our request, in the following letter.”

Dear Sirs:
Regarding Dr. Quimby: I have been sick since five years ago last July, having a great deal of pain in my back and limbs, caused by blue pills taken two years before, physicians said, giving me spinal disease. Very soon I was unable to walk, or even stand, and for months I was prostrate upon my bed and confined to a dark room, having neuralgia in the optic nerve, and painful dyspepsia, making me a great sufferer.

After being for two years in the care of my uncle and brother, both doctors, they decided medicine would not cure me, and took me to a Water Cure, at Hill, New Hampshire. The Water Cure physician decided there was no help for me there, concluding the spinal marrow was diseased.

Hearing of Dr. Quimby, I set out at once to see him. Arriving at the United States Hotel in Portland, on the morning of August 15th, I was carried up stairs in my wheel chair to my room.

Fifteen minutes after I saw Dr. Quimby, I was walking. I went downstairs to dinner (without assistance) and back to my room (again without assistance). That evening, I took about forty steps with assistance, you will not wonder that I was wild with delight. I was like one risen from the dead. The second day I walked on the street sixteen rods (256 feet). On my sixth day I walked four miles and a half, and in less than two weeks I walked the four miles into Portland from Falmouth and returned.

My disease is entirely gone, my back is perfectly well, and I have no fears of a relapse.

Yours with much esteem,
F. C. B. - Residence, Williamstown, Vermont.

To this testimony we add that of Mr. Julius Dresser, who was restored to health by Dr. Quimby three months before. (Since that time he has devoted himself to conversing with patients on “Dr. Quimby’s Truth.”) Mr. Dresser saw Miss B. in her invalid condition, then walked and talked with her during some of the trips above mentioned. He learned the facts of her case first hand, and saws that she was perfectly restored to health.

Now, if this were a solitary case we might ascribe the cure to the imagination, as it is well know that imagination has worked wonders in this way. But this is but one of a number of equally remarkable cases which have occurred here in our midst, and witnesses stand ready to bear testimony to the facts.

One lady who had been severely afflicted with rheumatism, and for years was bent nearly double, a perfect cripple, unable to use her hands or feet, was in short time restored to health, and is now living, working evidence of the Doctor’s skill.

A gentlemen, a friend of ours, had for years been afflicted with a hip complaint. He had for a long time been confined to his bed, and was brought so low his physicians had given up, with the intimation he could live but a few days. It was purposed to him to call in Dr. Quimby. This the gentleman objected strenuously to, being bitterly opposed to anything like humbuggery, and the doctor he considered “one of the biggest of humbugs. (humbug: a person who is not what he or she claims or pretends to be; impostor intending to delude or deceive.) His wife, however, insisted on calling in Dr. Quimby.

Quimby visited him -- and yesterday we met the patient on the street, going home to dinner, looking heartier than we have seen him for a long time. He considers himself entirely cured of the complaint. We told him people considered these cures as humbugs. “So did I,” was his reply, “but here I am, and if humbug can work such wonders, glory be to humbugs!”

We might cite a dozen other cases, but we refrain. We have no other motive in mentioning these rare cures than to make our readers acquainted with the remarkable phenomena. We have but a slight acquaintance with Dr. Quimby, and have no interest in publishing his astonishing cures to the world. We have mentioned them as affording matters of curious speculation. We must confess there is something about them more than our philosophy ever dreamed of.

Free Press - Lebanon, New Hampshire 1856

Just at the present time there is a good deal said about Dr. Quimby, of Portland, and it may not be considered amiss to mention the case of a young lady of this town who has been greatly benefited by him. For nearly three years she has been an invalid-- a great part of the time confined to her bed. She never left her room unless carried out by her friends. A few weeks since she heard of Dr. Quimby, and resolved to visit him. She did so, and after remaining under his care four days she returned home free from all pain and disease, and is now rapidly regaining health and strength.

The reputation of Dr. Quimby as a man who cures diseases has extended. The increasing respect and confidence of the public in his success suggests the day of miracles. He effects his cures without the aid of medicine or outward applications, and his practice embraces cases like the above, where all ordinary treatment has failed to relieve.

It is impossible in a brief communication to do anything like justice to Dr. Quimby’s Truth. Enough has been said to separate him from quacks and imposters. The case cited above is not a solitary instance of his skill in practicing his science, and his increasing popularity with all classes shows that the confidence of the public is not misplaced.

Having heard that Quimby had restored a woman who had been dumb, an interested reader wrote to the paper the results of an investigation he had been prompted to make concerning this cure. The patient being a daughter of Capt. Blodgett of Brooksville.

She had been suddenly deprived of her speech two years before. No cause was known, and the fact excited a melancholy surprise in herself. She had not been sick, nor had any trouble of mind or body been known to have produced the speechlessness.

One evening her speech was observed to be slightly impaired. She retired as usual, and on waking in the morning she was utterly speechless. From that time she had not uttered an audible word. One physician attributed the cause to a sort of paralysis of the vocal organs. The best medical aid had been sought to no avail.

She is now in full possession of her former powers of speech.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person. Neither Sarah Meredith nor Jessica Meredith is any kind of doctor. Neither diagnose or treat disease. They claim no formal training in psychology or medicine. Neither holds a special license in any field. Both offer their services based solely on their skill and personal experience of what works. They make no verbal or written warranty on the effectiveness of their program on your condition. Using their services does not replace or substitute for available medical services.
* The Quimby Manuscripts 1969 by Phineas Parkhurst Quimby; by Horatio W. Dresser Ed.; Bangor Jeffersonian Times - February 1858, Evening Courier - September 1860, Free Press - Lebanon, New Hampshire 1856, These newspapers were donated to the The Library of Congress.