Initial Telephone Consultation -FREE

The Initial Consultation with Sarah is for up to 20 minutes.
The initial consultation will:

  • Give as much information as possible on your condition;
  • Reveal what Sarah determined as the cause;
  • The likelihood of recovery or not; and
  • What path to take for that recovery.

There is only one initial consultation per person. Future calls of
30 minutes are $114.

Scheduling Your Initial Consultation:

To schedule your Initial Consultation, click on contact us and
complete the form. Please be as complete as possible.

The first e-mail is to acknowledge that your request for an
appointment arrived and explains what you can expect during
the call.

The second e-mail will have a list of available times.
Once you have received both emails, call our office to
schedule your appointment.

There are multiple plans of care.

We use intensive, yet gentle techniques. We address what we
find as the exact
of a condition and it’s removal. Our
work is centered on
healing that cause. Because conditions
vary by the individual. The amount of
session time will vary.

Technique Interview $114

Once Sarah has explained:

  • What she found to be the cause of your condition;
  • Told you the likelihood of a recovery or not; and
  • If a recovery is possible, you are ready for the
    Technique Interview.

The Technique Interview will determine:

  • Whether you are able to do our techniques. We all need
    to know in advance of spending time, energy and money
    that you are able to do our 4 main techniques:
    Matrix, ADT, Mind Wiping, Blue Room;
  • How to access your unconscious mind;
  • What level of care you will need and the steps to take.

Food as Medicine Treatment Plan $570

When eating the wrong food is the main cause of a condition, there is a need for the Food as Medicine Treatment Plan. The plan reveals:

  • Which foods will help you recover;
  • Which foods are contributing to your condition;
  • Whether your current supplements are causing harm;
  • Which therapies are can be or are a cause of harm;
  • Where to get the healthy foods;
  • Which supplements will speed up recovery;
  • How to start gradually increasing healthy foods; &
  • How & when to take your supplements.

The 150 Minutes Session Minimum @ $570.

Sessions are usually booked for 30 to 60 minutes.
30 Minute Session $114.00


500 Minutes for Sessions @ $1890. which includes a
60 minute session at no charge...a $228 value.


All fees are paid in advance of services.

By making a payment you acknowledge that you read
and agree to our Terms of Use & Service.


  • Information on refunds and/or dispute resolution are found under
    Terms of Use & Service, Item 6 Refunds; Dispute Resolution;
    Jurisdiction; Venue; Choice of Law
  • Sessions cannot be canceled for refunds, only rescheduled.
    To reschedule, call no later than 48 hours prior to your appointment,
    with the exception of a Monday session. If you need to reschedule a
    Monday session, it must be done before noon on the Wednesday
    before your Monday appointment.

Late or Missed Appointments

Late or missed appointments will result in a forfeiture of the full fee
for the scheduled and missed time. We do not take late or missed
appointments lightly. When an appointment is missed, you are not
the only one affected. While we wait for your call, it becomes a
missed opportunity for someone else who is in pain and needs our
time and services.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person. Neither Sarah Meredith nor Jessica Meredith is any kind of doctor. Neither diagnose or treat disease. They claim no formal training in psychology or medicine. Neither holds a special license in any field. Both offer their services based solely on their skill and personal experience of what works. They make no verbal or written warranty on the effectiveness of their program on your condition. Using their services does not replace or substitute for available medical services.
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