Privacy Policy

All information you provide is deemed by us to be private. We place the highest importance on respecting and protecting your privacy. Our most important asset is our relationship with our clients. We want you to feel comfortable when using our services and website. Your information will never be sold, rented or distributed to others for any purpose. The following principles govern our information practices and privacy aspects of our web site and practice. Throughout this policy, we refer to information that personally identifies you as “personal information.”

Responses to Email Inquiries

When someone sends an email inquiry to us, the return email address is used to answer their email inquiry. We do not share email addresses with third parties.

Sharing your Personal Information

As humans almost all of us are protective about what we feel or have felt. Be assured that we do not abuse information given to us in confidence. When we provide an example on this website, it is a composite of the experiences we’ve had. All names, persons and events are fictional, with the exception of those personal to us. We are giving you examples of what might be said or thought or happen when you use our services. We NEVER share personal information unless proscribed by law.

Information Disclosure and Law

We may disclose or report personal information in limited circumstances where we believe in good faith that disclosure is required under the law. For example, we may be required to disclose personal information to cooperate with regulators or law enforcement authorities, to comply with a legal process such as a court order, subpoena, or a law enforcement request. If you use your credit card to do business with us, your information is not given to us via the internet nor kept on a computer. We do not use “cookies” or tracking software with the exception of Google Analytics.

Children Disclosure and Law

Protecting children’s privacy is especially important to us. It is our policy to comply with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act of 1998 and all other applicable laws. Therefore we restrict our Web site to persons eighteen years or older. You must be eighteen (18) years or older to access this web site. If you are under eighteen years of age, you are not permitted to access this web site or us for any reason. Due to the age restrictions for use of this web site, no information obtained by this web site, falls within the child online privacy act (COPA) and is not monitored as doing so.

Where to Direct Questions About Our Privacy Policy

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or the practices described herein, you may contact us through the information provided below this paragraph. If you are concerned that your information might have been compromised or misused in any way, please contact us at:

Attn: Jessica Meredith
8114 Sun Palm Drive,
Kissimmee, FL 34747
Tel: (321) 401-4763
Main Website:

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* The Quimby Manuscripts 1969 by Phineas Parkhurst Quimby; by Horatio W. Dresser Ed.; Bangor Jeffersonian Times - February 1858, Evening Courier - September 1860, Free Press - Lebanon, New Hampshire 1856, These newspapers were donated to the The Library of Congress.