What To Expect

First and foremost you can expect to recover. You came to this site because something is not right in your world. With Sarah’s ability, we can find what went wrong and what must be done to correct it.

If you’ve been everywhere and tried everything, this may be your answer. We use an intensive, yet gentle, highly individualized series of techniques that address the exact cause of a condition.

The journey begins with a free consultation with Sarah.

Initial Telephone Consultation

Your initial consultation is designed to give you:

  • As much information as possible on your condition;
  • What Sarah has uncovered as the cause;
  • The likelihood of a recovery; and
  • What path to take for that recovery.

We offer this free consultation (up to 20 minutes) to introduce ourselves and explain what is now possible in the healing world.

Sarah’s intuitive healing abilities open up through symptoms or when she hears about an issue. Her mind automatically searches for the cause. The more symptoms, the more details she is given, the greater help she can be.

Before your consultation, Sarah will have focused on you and your condition. She will have tuned in and already have a general idea of what went wrong and what must be done to correct it.

Neither Sarah or Jessica work with lab tests or the label of a disease. Instead, they study your symptom; then find what caused it.

Scheduling the Initial Consultation:

To schedule your Initial Consultation, click on contact us and fill out
the form. Be as complete as possible, missing information may delay
your consultation.

The first e-mail is to acknowledge that your request for an
appointment arrived and explains what you can expect
during the call.

The second e-mail will have a list of available times.
Once you have received both emails, call our office
to schedule your appointment.

Technique Interview

Once Sarah has explained:

  • What she found to be the cause of your condition;
  • Told you the likelihood of a recovery or not; and
  • If a recovery is possible, you are ready for the Technique Interview.

The Technique Interview will determine:

  • Whether you are able to do our techniques. We all need
    to know in advance of spending time, energy and money
    that you are able to do our 4 main techniques:
    Matrix, ADT, Blue Room, Mind Wiping;
  • How to access your unconscious mind.

You are welcome to have a loved one on an extension or use a speaker phone for this call.

If not Accepted

If Sarah is unable to help you, she will explain why and possibly have another solution.

If Accepted

If accepted, your sessions can be scheduled. please keep in mind you will be sarah and jessica’s only client during your calls.


Core S J Therapy Techniques and Treatments

Food as Medicine Treatment Plan

When eating the wrong foods is the main cause of a condition,
there is a need for the Food as Medicine Treatment Plan.
The plan reveals:

  • Which foods will help you recover;
  • Which foods are contributing to your condition;
  • Whether your current supplements are causing harm;
  • Which therapies are can be or are a cause of harm;
  • Where to get the healthy foods;
  • Which supplements will speed up recovery;
  • How to start gradually increasing healthy foods; &
  • How & when to take your supplements.

Anti-decisions Technique (ADT)

The ADT is a science. It does not guess, it provides results. It returns health and happiness. The main principle behind the ADT is that all disease, all discomfort, all injuries are the result of an opinion. It’s something you told yourself about yourself and it is not 100% true.

The opinions we find are your personal viewpoint. When a viewpoint is not true, it’s a lie. Think of that opinion (viewpoint) as a lie you told yourself. With that one belief, your life changed.

For a FREE
Medical Intuitive Consultation with Sarah
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The Matrix

Where ADT removes anti-decisions one at a time, after locating and erasing that first anti-decision, Matrix can sometimes be used to eliminate a series of anti-decisions. Instead of spending an hour to remove one anti-decision, we can eliminate 2 to 50 anti-decisions in half the time using the symbology of the Matrix.

At the site of an injury, pain or disease, intuitives can see or feel the invisible colors and objects present in an energy field in and around the body. Each color and object represents a conclusion; an anti-decision. Removing these colors and objects will turn off the pain, heal the injury and eliminate the disease.

Access AlphaDelta

When it is difficult to enter and recall what decisions are in your unconscious mind, we use this technique to create an ease of recall. AlphaDelta gives a sense of peace and well being.

Faulty Word

Words, regardless of the language, can interfere with healing. If a word’s meaning is mixed up or wrong, it will delay or prevent healing or cause pain. Usually a faulty word becomes obvious during a conversation.

Mind Wiping

This technique will eliminate any destructive emotion in five minutes or less. Mind Wiping is a time-tested technique for moving beyond any damaging life traumas that sabotage your health, peace of mind and happiness. Once applied it will keep painful emotions from returning. With Mind Wiping, you will stop remembering agonizing things from the past. You can eliminate any body pain caused by an emotional stimulation.

The Cradle

Electricity is a major part of healing. The brain receives an electrical message from a damaged area, such as a cut or infection; almost instantly it sends an electrical message back with instructions to repair the damage and how to do it. Repair messages from brain to the site of an injury are usually sent once every 24 hours.

The messages to and from the brain measure 0.3 Hz. A human hand emits energy at 0.3 Hz. During the Cradle, we place our 0.3 Hz hands on a client to send messages from the damaged area to the brain. Then we gently stimulate the brain to send another message to heal.

It’s called The Cradle because it’s so gentle. In fact, most clients start to fall asleep within minutes of beginning a Cradle session.

*Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person. Neither Sarah Meredith nor Jessica Meredith is any kind of doctor. Neither diagnose or treat disease. They claim no formal training in psychology or medicine. Neither holds a special license in any field. Both offer their services based solely on their skill and personal experience of what works. They make no verbal or written warranty on the effectiveness of their program on your condition. Using their services does not replace or substitute for available medical services.
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